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Project Dark Arts: Reborn

Welcome to Project Dark Arts: Reborn, Tampa Bay's largest 2nd annual showcase of premium artistic talent from those who identify their creations with the aesthetics of dark culture. 


We’ve called on artists from all mediums to create emotionally enticing and provocative pieces, taboo imagery and challenging subject matter that embrace the darkest elements of self expression and emotional aspects of our human expression.


Since it's so difficult to find a place that accepts and celebrates dark artists, 

we at Rougue Productions and Shadoe Images have decided to once again produce this exclusive event, one with a special emphasis on the strange, creepy, and macabre. Project Dark Arts is an event that strives to give dark artists that special place to display their work along with others that create within the strange.


This year's event will allow attendees to be immersed in subject matter from beautiful to bizarre, sensual and seductive to the insanely distraught and macabre. These artists manage the ups and downs in life by creating art that comes from the moment where they're in their darkest places...and now are finally able to share it with you in this uncensored art and performance showcase.


2019 brings about exclusive content with the theme, “Dark Carnival” and is jam packed with dark visual art, performance art; including live body painting, a dark burlesque, fire breathers, an enchanting live DJ, dark fashion runway show highlighting the beauty in darkness, delectable food, full liquor bar and even live tattooing.


Project dark Arts holds nothing back...so be prepared to once again step across the psychological threshold, out of the light and into the darkness of Project Dark Arts: Reborn.


Disclaimer: Project Dark Arts: Reborn IS NOT CHILDREN FRIENDLY. You may encounter frightening artwork, blood, nudity, the macabre and performances that contain adult content. 


We ask that you please do not buy a ticket if any of this offends you.


*if dressing up for the event, please make sure that your face is recognizable, as employees will be checking identification at entry. 

We want this to be a fun, safe environment for everyone so please respect the rules and prepare to experience a beautifully dark show.


Event Producers

Roügue Morgan

Company: Roügue Productions


Shadoe Leibelt

Company: Shadoe Images


Committee Members

Roügue Morgan


Shadoe Leibelt


Lissa Hatcher


Elejandro DeMayhem


Jose Gomez




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©2019 by Project Dark Arts: Reborn. Proudly brought to you by Ro​ügue Productions and Shadoe Images

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